PlasticTime magazine

PlasticTime is a new and innovative platform for the plastic and polymer industry in Israel. At Nov.2017 we launched a modern printed magazine, which is distributed to the professional community by mail, every two months – free of charge. An electronic version is also distributed via newsletter and available online.
The magazine focus on news from the local and global industry, contain in depth articles on various plastic related topics, spotlight on local companies, and more.

The PlasticTime initiative promotes the Israeli plastic industry by

  • Enriching the professional knowledge in the field, exposing the community to cutting edge technologies and promoting innovation
  • Providing news on technological as well as financial related topics of interest
  • Building a platform for networking and cooperation
  • Creating an open conversation on common challenges of the local industry to promote their solution with the decision makers, legislators and regulators
  • Strengthening the connections between the local and global industry

Our audience

The plastic industry is comprised of many sectors, and is involved in a huge variety of applications. As such, our audience is diverse, and covers many fields, and related service providers, including:
  • Traditional factories and manufacturers
  • Raw material manufacturers
  • Suppliers and agencies
  • Compounders 
  • Companies from the rubber industry 
  • Recycling  
  • Service labs 
  • Startup companies
  • 3D printing companies 
  • Equipment and machinery agencies 
  • Medtech companies 
  • Food and packaging companies 
  • Molding experts 
  • Production floor control and automation companies
  • Software companies and more.
Thousands printed copies and digital copies are distributed to 550 different companies and organisations in Israel. The magazine also distributed at social media (LinkedIn + Facebook) and the relevant exhibitions and seminars which took place on behalf of the Israeli plastic and polymer association and the Israeli Plastic & rubber producers association. 
The relevant executives in each organisation received the magazine directly, including CEOs, production managers, operations managers, R&D managers, purchase managers, maintenance managers and marketing managers. In addition, the magazine reach academic institutes and faculty members, professional consultants and more.